RAV 640N – 650N – 660N SERIES

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Floor installation kit  

All lifts are supplied for recessed installation.
The drive on ramp kit enables to convert the lift from flush mounted to floor version.




Pre-installed galvanised guide on the inner side of the platform, which allows fast and smooth sliding of the jacking beam.

Perforated platform for Ravaglioli 3D wheel alignment measuring heads brackets housing. (For .2, .3, .5 models only).

Edge-free platforms that allow the turntables to be positioned over the entire surface of the platform width.
Ideal when working on vehicles with narrow track.

Integrated wheel free lift with levelling system to ensure a completely flat working surface.




Lifts with flat platforms .1

Lifts with big platforms, up to 5,5 m length, structured and designed for maximum stability also when loaded with large vehicles.

Wheel alignment lifts .2

Platforms for total wheel alignment with front housing for turn tables and rear side slip plates.

Alignment lifts with built in play detector .3 .5

Plate with embossed surface to prevent plate-wheel sliding.
Platforms for total wheel alignment  with front housing for turn tables and rear side slip plates.


Lifts with built in play detector .4 .6

8 Bewegungen Gelenkspieltester, konform zur Norm 2014/45EU.

Versions with wheel free lift.

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