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  • The hydraulic cylinder is located inside the fixed platform and is thus perfectly protected.
  • High-resistant, galvanised and pre-stretched metal cables.
  • Large-diameter pulleys with self-lubricating and maintenance-free bushes.
  • Adjustable platform to accomodate different vehicle tracks and optimised access to vehicle underside.
  • Automatic mechanical back-up safety devices (every 100 mm) with pneumatic release allowing stationary operation with unladen cables.
  • Immediate-triggering safety stud devices in case a cable slackens or fails.
  • Automatic anti-toe trap alarm during final stages of lift descent.
  • Mechanical, electrical and hydraulic safety devices in compliance with the prevailing standard for CE marking.
  • Low-voltage (24V) electrical system with control circuit.


RAV 4350
RAV 4401
RAV 4405L
RAV 4501L
RAV 4651L
RAV 4800

Versions with flat platforms

RAV 4402 / 4000 kg

Wheel alignment versions – Platforms for total wheel alignment with front turning plates locations and rear slip plates.
Low-friction rear slip plates. They can be manually locked in the central position. Transverse and angular movements in both directions.

RAV 4406L / 4000 kg
RAV 4502L / 5000 kg
RAV 4652L / 6500 kg
RAV 4802 / 8000 kg

Wheel alignment versions – Extra-long platforms for total wheel alignment with front turning plates locations and rear slip plates.

RAV 4401SI / 4000 kg

Versions with wheel free lift – Optimum size for cars and light-duty commercial vehicles.

RAV 4405LSI / 4000 kg

Versions with wheel free lift – The long platforms (5100 mm) and the large inner distance between posts allow lifting of light commercial vehicles and long-wheelbase vans.

RAV 4402SI / 4000 kg
RAV 4406LSI / 4000 kg
RAV 4502LSI / 5000 kg

Versions with wheel free lift for wheel alignment – Wheel-alignment lifts complete with wheel free lift are the perfect solution for the vehicle total wheel alignment check.

Technical data and composition presented in this catologue may vary. Pictures reproduced are only indicative.

Technical data and composition presented in this catologue may vary. Pictures reproduced are only indicative

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