Pit lifts, suspended

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J150.8F – 15T

Intuitive operation includes a quick lift via push button, additional load lift by means of an air motor, a fine lift with a pump rod and a lowering via hand lever.
The extra-long cylinder guide ensures that lateral forces can be absorbed, even when loads are outside the ­center.
2 layer coating for perfect ­corrosion protection.
Longevity – Piston rod and pump piston are hard-chrome plated against corrosion and wear.
Anti-rust prevention – During each lifting and lowering movement piston rod and inner cylinder wall are moistened with oil.
The forced return allows a quick return of the lifting ram with and without load to the lowest ­position.
Needle bearing mounted undercarriage castors with grease nipple.


The piston rod is slightly wetted with oil to protect against corrosion.


Undercarriage castors are covered against damage.







800 mm


Mounting hole

55 mm


Undercarriage width

800-1100 mm


Undercarriage height

285 mm


Operating pressure

10 bar



285 kg


Piston rod diameter

80 mm


Perfect positionning under the vehicle


SJA1 – 1.000 kg

Angular adjustment +/- 12°.
Includes 2 belts


SJA2 – 15T


SJA3 – 15T


SJA4 – 3.200 kg

Traverse and pads for transporters



Set of the pads



Condensate separator

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