Lifts for Bike

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KP1394 – KP1394P / kg 400

Pantograph lift with foot-operated hydraulic pump (KP1394) or with air-hydraulic pump (KP1394P).
Lifting height of 800mm.

KP1396P – KP1396E / kg 600

Scissors lift with air-hydraulic pump (KP1396P) or with electro-hydraulic control box (KP1396E).
Great lifting height of 1000 mm.

KP1394T – KP1394TP / kg 400

Wide platform (1000 mm) to lift garden machinery.

KP1396TP – KP1396TE / kg 600

Very wide platform (1450 mm) to lift 3-wheel vehicles and micro-cars.

Technical data and composition presented in this catologue may vary. Pictures reproduced are only indicative

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