GTL4.140RC – GTL2.120RC


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These versatile machines are designed for easy, fast and accurate balancing of car and commercial wheels.
Microprocessor controlled with self-calibration and self-diagnostics. Specific balancing programs for static, dynamic and ALU wheels (light alloy).
One single spin with low rotation speed provides all the values. Display readout of out of balance values and the related position on the wheel.
Digital calliper with optical sensor, with alloy shaft sliding on bushes. Automatic storage of distance and diameter up to 26”.



Complete with cones for trucks (Ø from 202 to 221mm and 281 mm)


Complete with cones for trucks (Ø from 202 to 221mm and 281 mm)


Guided balancing procedure. Interactive inputs with multifunction keys: the functions related to each key vary according to use  and are identified on the display by graphic icons for immediate understanding.

Technical Data

Rim diameter

10″ – 26″ automatic

10″ – 30″

Rim width

1.5″ – 22″

Max wheel weight

200 kg

Read-out accuracy

10 g (PL / camiones / truck)
1g (VL / turismos / car)


speed (rpm)

80 (PL / camiones / truck)
100 (VL / turismos / car)

Power supply

230 V
50-60Hz / 1ph

Technical data and composition presented in this catologue may vary. Pictures reproduced are only indicative

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