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Patented Lever-Free Tool

Fits between the tyre and rim and takes hold of the bead, gradually lifting it without the aid of bead-lifter levers.
The exclusive SLIVO working movement allows to catch the lower bead with no use of the PLUS device.
The frame is large and reinforced, to grant the utmost rigidity to the structure and chucking table.
The gear box is installed between two steel plates, to avoid flexion during operation.

Self-centring chuck

  • Two-way rotation
  • High torque
  • High clamping force (two pistons)

Technical Data




0,8/1,1 kW – 230/400V (50Hz) – 3ph

Chuck rotation speed (rev/min)

6,5-13 rpm
Max. torque to chuck1200 Nm (885 FtLbs)
External clamping10”-24”
Internal clamping12”-28,5”
Tool working span8”-32”
Max. tyre diameter1143 mm (45”)
Max. rim width431 mm (17”)
Bead breaker cylinder power at 12 bar3600 kg (8000 lbs)

Technical data and composition presented in this catologue may vary. Pictures reproduced are only indicative

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