G4.140WS – GP4.140WS


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  • Professional machines, offering all the features requested by the most demanding operators
  • Maximum precision granted by the automatic measurement of distance and diameter and by the automatic ALU S and PAX programmes
  • Easy operation thanks to interactive inputs, which guide the operator during all the phases of the balancing process
  • Color monitor TFT SVGA 19” – Industrial PC with static hard disk 3D Graphic



Automatic Distance + Diameter Measurement

Digital calliper with optical sensor, with alloy shaft sliding on bushes.
Automatic storage of distance and diameter up to 30”.

Technical data

Rim diameter

10” –  30” automatic

Rim width

1.5″ – 22″

Max wheel weight

80 kg

Read-out accuracy

1 g

Cycle time

6 s.

Rotation speed (rpm)

‹ 100

Power supply

110-230V / 50-60/1ph

Technical data and composition presented in this catologue may vary. Pictures reproduced are only indicative

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