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Automatic Mode

Place the upper roller on the rim edge. Rotate the wheel and place the valve in start position. Press start button and the tyre changer is ready to work in automatic mode (G1200 program). Once the first wheel is done, the start position will be reached fast and automatically to repeat the job again and again.

PC Managed Operation

  • Fill in the tyre data

The software automatically selects the best program among:

  • SOFT
  • RF/UHP

The user can decide to switch to another program (but the software does not allow programs which are not appropriate to that type of tyre).

  • Place upper and lower rollers at the rim edge and the valve at start position
  • Press start button and the tyre changer will carry out the programmed job with minimum assistance
  • At any time a job can be stopped and then continued with no need to start again the entire cycle

Data Bank

It is possible to memorize up to 100.000 different wheels by:

  • client name
  • plate number
  • any notes

Data Transfer

It is possible to transfer data among tyre changers.  This is particularly useful when working with many tyre changers:

  • at the same location (large tyre shop, vehicle or tyre manufacturing plant)
  • at different locations (tyre shop chain, car dealer group)

Customized data and a quick training allow easy demounting of difficult tyres even by inexperienced workers.

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