VSG EMEA shares its new brand strategy with the market

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Sasso Marconi. June 2022 – Vehicle Service Group (VSG), global leader in the vehicle service industry, has made public its new brand strategy for EMEA regions. It is an important step that brings VSG EMEA to the next level of its future, an Rpower future.

Although VSG EMEA is part of a long-standing multinational company, it took its first steps into the European market around 6 years ago. Over the years, it has quickly gained market share and established itself as one of the main players in the automotive scenario, thanks also to the consolidated reputation of its brand range.

VSG EMEA is, indeed, the successful result of the merger of several companies with different traditions and cultures. An Italian soul driven by the Ravaglioli, Butler, Space, and Sirio brands with a complete manufacturing service approach, and a German soul driven by the Rotary, Blitz, and Elektron brands with a very opposite approach, that of focusing the manufacturing service more on area of specialization. (More information about VSG EMEA companies can be found on the company website at vsgdover.com)

VSG EMEA reached the decision to harmonize its essence by combining the power of its two strongest “Rs” – Ravaglioli and Rotary – from which the strategy itself takes its name, Rpower.

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