ADAS and wheel alignment

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Solutions for the diagnosis and calibration of driver assistance systems

Designed to ensure safety and comfort while driving, the ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) are increasingly common in the latest generation of vehicles.


Software integration for a complete range of functions

Thanks to software integration, ADAS calibration and wheel alignment functions are run on a single PC.



The frame is available in two versions:

STDARCCS3 for panels

STDARCCS3/MON with monitor

STDARCCS3/PC/MON with monitor

Digital representation of the panels.
The monitor displays the panels required for the calibration using a microprocessor. The microprocessor, installed on the structure, synchronises with the dedicated TEXA software and the panel structure itself.


The screen features:

  • High resolution display
  • Large size, optimal display
  • Observes the ratio with precision
  • Does not deform or resize


Height adjustable


Lateral translation


Front tilting


Side tilting

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